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In the world of emergency management and emergency response, it is crucial to constantly stay vigilant and prepared for any potential disasters. However, in E G Weiss's book 'The Devil You Know', he delves into the dangerous notion of becoming complacent in this high-stakes field. Through his thought-provoking and challenging writing, Weiss sheds light on the potential consequences of negligence and overconfidence in emergency situations.

One of the main themes of the book is the concept of 'the devil you know'. This phrase refers to the belief that we tend to ignore potential dangers or warning signs when we are familiar with the situation or surroundings. In emergency management, this can have catastrophic consequences. Weiss argues that many individuals and organizations in this field fall into a false sense of security, believing that they are prepared for any and all disasters. However, in reality, this mindset can lead to complacency and a lack of preparedness for unexpected events.

Throughout the book, Weiss presents numerous real-life examples of the dangers of complacency. From natural disasters to man-made crises, he illustrates how even the most experienced and well-equipped emergency response teams can falter when they become too comfortable with their surroundings. In one particularly chilling case study, Weiss describes how a group of firefighters, who had been working in the same area for years, failed to recognize a change in the landscape and were subsequently injured in a wildfire.

Moreover, 'The Devil You Know' also explores the psychological aspect of complacency in emergency response. Weiss delves into the human tendency to underestimate the severity of a potential danger when we have not experienced it ourselves. This can lead to a lack of preparedness and urgency in responding to emergencies. He emphasizes the importance of continuously training and challenging our assumptions to stay alert and ready for any situation.

Weiss's writing style is both engaging and informative, making this book a must-read for anyone working in emergency management or response. He presents thought-provoking questions and scenarios that force readers to reflect on their own practices and the potential dangers of becoming complacent. 'The Devil You Know' is not designed to scare or discourage individuals in this field but rather to serve as a wake-up call to the dangers of becoming too comfortable in a high-risk environment.

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This has been a long-awaited project and I am so happy that I can finally tell my "unprecedented" fans that the book is done.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that wrote and called telling me to finish this.

This definitely leaves off where the last book left off!

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