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E.G. Weiss & Associates brings you a unique team of specialists with the experience, education and insight needed to guide you through the processes of creating the plan you need. From the small business owner to the large corporation, from the local non-profit to the government agency, our associates offer a personal and full-service experience that flexes to fit the budgetary and time restraints our clientele often find themselves under.

Cost effective and efficient mixes well with experienced and creative when it comes to assisting you with planning, training, exercises, contingency and continuity planning, hazard mitigation and risk/vulnerability assessments.

Over the last decade, EGW has also provided marketing, research & development and field testing for countless emergency response products seeing global successes on a continual basis.

For years EGW has gained a reputation of not being bound by traditional thinking and obsolete attachments to protocols and philosophies.


EGW brings a fresh perspective to emergency management consulting powered by alignments with corporate partners, innovators, inventors and marketing firms.

Whether you are just now creating and developing or it is time to update, whether you have a small family-owned business or you run a large corporation, EGW has the right team waiting to make the process and end-product exactly what you need it to be. 


EGW has a long history or consulting and training for regional and national utility associations, economic development corporations, hundreds of school districts, libraries, faith-based organizations and companies such as Centurion, MVM, Inc., Binder, Frito-Lay, General Electric, Great Dane Manufacturing, ITC Electric and more.  For years we have consulted with, provided training for and created training exercises for emergency response agencies nationwide as well.

When it comes to government agencies, our history is our greatest resume. From trainings and personnel management to planning and exercise creation, EGW understands what you need and how to get the job done.

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