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About the Founder


For years, as his career developed, EG Weiss was a rising star on the speaking circuit and it's no wonder the demand has continued to increase over the last decade.

With a long history in live weather monitoring and research as well as an extensive background in emergency management and disaster response, his unique perspectives as a trainer and consultant has drawn attention worldwide. Weiss has used his extensive background to create dozens of trainings, programs and presentations for response agencies, government entities, corporations and educational institutions.

Aside from the incredible array of educational material, Weiss is also still active as a private contractor working on both government and private contracts in fields such as forensics, infectious disease control, corporate security, consequence management and tactical surveillance.

Weiss’ career began in the fire service which led to years of service in both fire and medical response. As a speaker, EG Weiss’ career took him on national speaking tours for over 14 years as he added severe weather research and tornado safety to his resume.  Taking on the role of a professional storm chaser for several television network entities, Weiss began to create emergency management programming for schools, churches and communities which led to larger speaking tours, eventually causing Weiss to narrow his focus on emergency management and disaster response.

In late 2003 Weiss created a disaster response team which later evolved (after Hurricane Katrina) into a tactical response unit designed to support law enforcement and other response teams. This specialty opened the doors for the opportunity to become involved in research and development for over two dozen rescue and response tool companies around the globe which Weiss still does to this day.

Currently Weiss stays active in consequence management consulting, research & development, forensic science and as a security/threat analyst while continuing to train and speak at conferences.  EG Weiss & Associates now has its offices in North Texas just outside of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

EG Weiss & Associates offers contracted services in mobility operations, operations coordination, logistics, security, program and operations coordination and oversight, threat analysis, infectious disease control, safety, personnel fulfillment, staffing, planning, exercises and more.

The company has provided services for agencies, organizations and corporations such as U.S. State Department, DOD, NHS, FEMA, Xeter, EM Solutions, MVM Inc, HHS, ORR, DHS, Frito-Lay, 3M, Exelon Corporation, Duke Energy, ITC Electric Transmission, Missouri River Energy, Mid-American Energy, Iowa Utility Association, Nebraska Rural Electric Association and more.

EG Weiss holds certifications in human trafficking education and detection and is presently offering special programs on the subject.

EG Weiss is the founder of The Life In The Arena Foundation. LITA is a non-profit organization that exists to support first responders in the United States that have unique needs for equipment, training or in-field support.

EG holds the position of Chairman of the Board for Oasis Restoration Ministries in Titusville, Florida.  Oasis is a non-profit organization offering holistic treatment for drug addiction and mental illness focusing on Responder PTSD and critical stress issues.

EG also sits on the Board of Directors for His Little Rewards, a non-profit located in northern Texas that specializes in assisting young unwed mothers, first-time mothers and women in distress due to post-partum issues or the loss of an infant.



Weiss holds over 100 federal and state certifications from prestigious organizations and institutions such as John  FEMA, John's Hopkins, Yale University School of Medicine, and the National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center (NERRIC).



EG has been recognized for his work by community organizations, churches, schools and civic groups throughout the United States, and has received four Presidential awards including one for a lifetime of service to America's communities as an educator and a Presidential Medal for his service in the recent 2017 hurricanes, was recognized by the State of Kentucky’s Governor’s Office for his work in disaster preparedness education and received the 2014 Disaster Volunteer of the Year Award from Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as well as the 2017 Lifetime Achievement award from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

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"The Definition of Unprecedented"

by EG Weiss is now available on Amazon Kindle!

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Brian Cook has been firefighter for over 10 years, but he is now facing the biggest battle of his life - not the fire in the field, but the fire burning inside.

Starring James Dickey, Cameron Ring, Eddy Weiss & more!

Directed by Bobby Lacer


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