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EG Weiss Incident Management Solutions


Creating a Safer Future with Comprehensive EHS Data Management

Our EHS Management solution connects all areas of safety into one easy-to-use platform. Manage your entire environmental health and safety program in our configurable system to save time and improve efficiency in your safety department.

Simplify safety reporting and deliver critical insights to improve workplace safety, boost productivity, and streamline efficiencies with our solution. Empower your organization to easily achieve compliance with the environmental health and safety regulations applicable to your operations.

Save Time on Admin Tasks

Streamline data collection with EHS smart forms, automated reports, and alerts for faster completion and analysis of safety forms.

Improve Compliance

This solution is guaranteed to empower all organizations — from global leaders to local businesses — to track, manage, and comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Protect Employee Health and Safety

Reduce risks and incidents by proactively identifying and addressing hazards before they can result in an employee injury or illness.

Incident Management

Record, track, and analyze workplace incidents including near misses, vehicle accidents, and worker injuries. Streamline incident investigations and easily achieve compliance with OSHA requirements.

  • Prevent incident recurrences with root cause analysis.

  • Create accurate OSHA recordkeeping forms.

  • Comply with OSHA’s electronic recordkeeping requirements.

  • Link claims, assets, and attachments with ease.


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