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The ECHO Training Academy is the culmination of almost 40 decades years of experience in the field of emergency and disaster response.  It is also the result of over 20 years in partnerships with innovators, inventors, field testers and active-duty responders.

The ECHO Training Academy provides on-demand training in direct competition with the current market method of trade shows and conferences as well as the online training market.  You will not find our training programs anywhere else.

Obviously ECHO is not a facility but rather a unique and fresh approach to providing training and instruction to America’s frontline workers and responders.  These trainings have been structured to be shorter, easier to navigate and customizable. That’s right… if you see subjects here or on the EG Weiss & Associates website ( that could fit your training needs if only they were adjusted, we pride ourselves on custom trainings so simply reach out and we can discuss what your exact needs may be.

In early 2024 we will be going live with dozen upon dozens of new trainings for the industrial, commercial, retail, responder and safety markets.

In late 2018 changes began to shake the world of responder training creating a large gap in the training market.  As conferences downsized or combined with other conferences to stay viable, the cost to the end user (or responder) and the vendor grew significantly.

As promotional and marketing companies purchased entire conferences, the impact on the market was drastic and left markets such as EMS, fire response and law enforcement with less than one-third the training opportunities that had been available prior to 2019.  With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, shows were cancelled at an alarming rate and the nation went without training opportunities for over 13 months save online trainings through various smaller organizations, webinars and even podcasts.  This trend also watered down many of the trainings available.

A new dawn has brought with it higher costs, fewer conferences and significantly less focused training for responder agencies; now, responders are choosing from a much smaller menu of opportunities and are being forced to attend or participate in trainings that have become “cookie cutter” programs designed to reach all three of the big markets mentioned above.  This predicament has bled into other markets such as healthcare, public works, the utility market and even municipal administration and educational institutions.

For years we have been dedicated to bringing the very best programs and trainings to agencies, conferences, workshops, exercises and summits nationwide.  We continue that dedication now as we venture into the world of online training.  Do not expect the normal trainings as you visit our academy as we strive to bring you education rather than instruction.


We believe that with the correct facts and most current data, you will experience enhanced skill sets and more insight that will allow you to make better decisions in the future.

You will see trainings for all of those fields right here at ECHO.

We hope you enjoy a long and educational stay here at The ECHO Training Academy.

15% of all proceeds from the ECHO Training Academy is donated to the Life In The Arena Foundation to be spent on encouraging, educating and/or outfitting first responders.

See just a few of our course catalogs coming in Spring 2024!

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