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April 15, 2024. Another step toward insignificance

The demise of Rome can be attributed to many factors, especially internal corruption, division, and outside invasion. As Rome grew in size and population, the rulers of Rome became very corrupt. Rather than serving the interests of the Empire, rulers, generals, and politicians became more concerned with protecting themselves.

Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel demonstrators blocked roadways in Illinois, California, New York and the Pacific Northwest on Monday as part of a coordinated day of action against Israel’s war in Gaza.

In Chicago, protesters linked arms and blocked lanes of Interstate 190 leading into O’Hare International Airport around 7 a.m. in a demonstration they said was part of a global “economic blockade to free Palestine,” according to Rifqa Falaneh, one of the organizers.

According to the A15 Action website, the mission stated “We will act in solidarity with each other in the face of attacks from the media, politicians and the police and the Zionist project.”

According to the group, they have deemed it time to escalate matters.

“There is a sense in the streets in this recent and unprecedented movement for Palestine that escalation has become necessary: there is a need to shift from symbolic actions to those that cause pain to the economy. As Yemen is bombed to secure global trade, and billions of dollars are sent to the Zionist war machine, we must recognize that the global economy is complicit in genocide and together we will coordinate to disrupt and blockade economic logistical hubs and the flow of capital.”

Traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area was held up for hours as demonstrators shut down all vehicle, pedestrian and bike traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and chained themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with cement across Interstate 880 in Oakland.

Similar protests were held across the United States and around the world, after the group A15 Action called for coordinating a “multi-city blockade… in solidarity with Palestine.”

“In each city, we will identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact,” the group said on its website.

Protesters marching into Brooklyn blocked Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. In Eugene, Oregon, protesters blocked Interstate 5, shutting down traffic on the major highway for about 45 minutes. Protesters also blocked roads Monday in Philadelphia, and anti-Israel rallies were held in Los Angeles and other locations.

I am taking this opportunity and free-speech medium of my own blog to state the following:

When you choose terror, terror will choose you back. When you stand next to terror, it will seek you and hunt you down. When you stand on the wrong side of history, it will ALWAYS come back and remind you of your wrong decision and stance.

If you do not believe that history will repeat itself you are a fool with your head in the sand.

While a MAJORITY of us are at work, at home with our families or leading productive lives, there is a loud minority speaking on our behalf while chained to barrels of cement. This manner of protest and the positive coverage and implied support from politicians is disrespectful to the America that has afforded these people a better life than they could possibly EVER have in another country.

I am not anti-protest nor am I anti-free-speech but I am vehemently against absolute disrespect, the burning of the American flag, the endangerment of first responders and actions that are purposely planned to further destroy my home country.

When freedom of speech crosses the line of legality in this country is when there is incitement, defamation, fraud, obscenity, child pornography, fighting words, and threats. Almost all of these was evident yesterday on the streets of our country. When these lines are crossed, the act becomes ILLEGAL according to the forgotten laws of this country and the shackling of law enforcement during acts like this is evil and un-American.

In Acts 19:32, over two thousand years ago, even the Apostle dealt with rioters that had been spurred on by covert organizers that were politically and financially motivated and he discovered the same thing as the rioters were described as “saying one thing and then another” and finally that “many did not even know why they were there” or what they were protesting.

History, my friends, can allow us an amazing but frightful glimpse into our future but more importantly, it allows us the opportunity to change course before it repeats.

We need to see that Hamas’ attack last December had little success in Israel, but has shown more success here in our own country. We need to see that we have voted influencers into office instead of representatives. We need to see that we have trusted the education of our children to the immoral and the greedy. We need to wake up and see that our great America perhaps does not appear in prophecies of the future because we will not exist as we have in the past.

No one disputes the fact that America has a unique history during which it became, and continues to be a preeminent feature in global affairs, but if one only looks at our recent 15 years of history, we can see that our stance globally has shifted drastically.  The Bible is remarkably silent when speaking about the role of America in Bible prophecy but that is difficult to wrap one’s head around.

If we are in the “end times”, there is no way we are not playing a role, right? Wrong.

I recently had a friend of mine, a police officer, who appeared to be incredibly healthy. He was jovial, energetic and strong. Under the surface, none of us (including him) knew what was happening until the symptoms of stage 4 cancer appeared. Once the symptoms appeared, he was gone in less than 4 weeks.

Folks, the symptoms have appeared.

Ezekiel says that Israel will come under attack and invasion and this will occur “in the latter years” (38:8) and “in the last days” (38:16). The invasion involves a coalition headed by “Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal” (38:2). Magog has been identified as ancient terminology for the area including modern day Russia, The Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Ezekiel further identifies Magog as coming from “the remote parts of the north” (38:6). Gog will lead the invasion of Israel, but Ezekiel 38:5,6 says that other nations will join. Persia (Iran), Ethiopia or Cush (Sudan), Put (Libya), Gomer and Beth-togarmah (Turkey). All the allies of Magog are reasonably well identified and they are all presently Muslim.

Interestingly, such an alignment of nations is now in our news feed.

I believe that we are heading toward a less-than-significant role globally as we allow our very existence to be ruled by the loud minority.

What I witnessed yesterday was not new. What I heard yesterday was not new. The way we reacted was not new. The sad truth is that yesterday is becoming the American way of life.



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