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Good is about to become best

It has been a few weeks since I have written a post and do so now at the requests I have received via email and Linkedin.

The last two months have been exciting for me, my family, and my small staff as we can now announce that EG Weiss & Associates is merging with another company to create what we envision as a game-changing force in homeland security, emergency management, and response.

I am proud of the history of EG Weiss and I look back on the many years with pride and fondness, but my father taught me that often times, good can be the enemy of the best.

When the opportunity to reach the best came along, I jumped.

We have long been seeking the ability to expand on ideas and concepts proven years ago and with a literal infusion of cutting-edge technology and the addition of partners with decades of experience, we will unveil the new company before Christmas of 2023.

This growth has been a long time coming and could not be more crucial as we are experiencing more activity along the border states and the upheaval in Israel.

For years I have spoken from stages and written in blogs, books, and articles about the need for new methodology and a revived philosophy in our industry. I have been quite vocal about my criticism of simply adding new tech just because it is new and I certainly have become well-known for preaching about the generational gaps in our industry.

Businesses merge for a variety of reasons. The basic idea behind merging is synergy — that the combined performance and value of the companies will exceed the value of each company’s individual parts. This is truly the case here with a merger that will extend our reach not just wider across the industry but further into the future.

Over the last two months, we have already begun to see the power of decades-old proven methodologies and philosophies as they mix with futuristic technologies that are already gaining attention here in the United States but internationally as well.

As we have slowly approached both new and old clientele over the last thirty days, the response has been overwhelming and we are eager to begin to serve both domestic and international clients at a whole new level with solutions that have yet to be seen in the emergency response and homeland security world.

I am looking forward to this new day and assure you that you will not see less of us but rather you will see much more as the new year approaches.


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