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Random articles that are created as I travel, experience new things, meet new people and discover new insights.

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Blue Skies and Open Highways

I spoke on this subject back in 2018. It is entertaining watching the airborne world still repeating history! I wonder how many remember this presentation at that show? There was a lot of rolling eyes in the audience back then...

The history of America's transportation system is fascinating. One may find humor in the fact that Woodward Avenue in Detroit made history when it became the first paved road and not-so-coincidently, was paved in 1909. It was one mile long.

Henry Ford lived just off of Woodward at 58 Bagley Avenue and his plant was only two blocks off the first paved road.

Unfortunately for excited new car owners, their classy Model T’s could not navigate America’s roadways which were a combination of dirt and gravel which quickly became mud bogs. The only stretch of highway to drive a Model T on was right where you bought it.

If your conference is looking for a great comedic presentation combined with a challenging case study, this is the presentation you are looking for!

I can drone on and on about this subject...


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