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Scene Light Rentals

Illuminating the scene should be a concurrent incident management strategy. When hosting an event, proper lighting limits liability. When responding, flexibility, mobility and ruggedness are key.

Whether you are a response agency, a municipality, community organization, university or a filmmaker, we have the lights you need and can place them right where you need them WHEN you need them.

Scene lighting is used to support several different types of operations during large-scale calamities and unfortunately, because these are all unplanned events, chances are you won’t have what you need.

EG Weiss’ Rapid Response Unit is here to help with a full arsenal of scene light solutions that are waterproof, rechargeable and extremely mobile.

Rather than wait for the delivery of mega towers and generator lighting that can be loud, heavy, difficult to move and require fuel, our scene lights are set up in seconds where you need them and as long as you need them.

Our scene lights can be used for large events such as crime prevention, scene, parking lot or stage lighting,  We have the perfect solutions for those dark areas when your property is inundated with large amounts of visitors or event attendees.

We are the ultimate shelter solution as we have long-term rental agreement solutions that include scene light specialists that can accompany the lights to your location and add expertise to your incident or project.

Our lights have been used for many years as the perfect solution for portable hospitals, triage centers and even mobile operating rooms after large scale events.

  • Reduce errors during emergency operations

  • Minimize use of chemical light sticks and flashlights

  • Improve efficiency during response to disasters

  • Boost security by discouraging theft and other criminal acts

  • Increase awareness and visual clarity in remote bases

  • Improve signaling for incoming aircraft and ground vessels during rescue missions



We will be offering Foxfury N56, P56 and T56 lighting, these lights provide up to 2,700 lumens, 4,100 lumens and 8,200 lumens respectively of 95CRI 5600K lighting for up to 24 hours. Light up any photo or video shoot in seconds with these cordless production lights.

We also have the Nomad T32 Production Light, offering up to 7,000 lumens of 95CRI 3,200K tungsten equivalent lighting for up to 24 hours.

All lights are waterproof up to 10 feet and completely cordless and rechargeable.

The T56 and T32 provide lighting in 360 degrees or unfold the lighting head and create a panel-style spotlight.

The P56 has a built in defusing cover that can simply be un-clipped to create a spotlight or put it back on to create a area light.

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